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There’s no better time to book a river cruise than today!

Are you looking for the perfect travel adventure?  Take a look at the elegance and variety of a European River Cruise.  Explore destinations that you have only thought about in your dreams.  The beauty of the architecture of castles and cathedrals are combined with the culture and culinary expertise of the area.  All details are taken care of for you with a trained International Cruise Director and no worry about understanding the language as they are well-trained as interpreters.  Your staterooms provide beautiful views and all of the amenities that you desire.  The meals are beyond any expectations.  These tours are truly the “trip of a lifetime.”  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!! Call today for a detailed itinerary of any of these magnificent tours.

Antarctica in Depth Antarctica December 26, 2021 - January 9, 2022

Wake up to spectacular scenery and ice-filled channels, spend your days marveling at the many
wonders along the Antarctic Peninsula.  The constantly changing weather, scenery, and colours provide unique opportunities for professional and amateur photographers alike, leaving you awestruck.

14 Days • All-inclusive dining

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