Policies & Insurance


SignaTours, Ltd. is a proud member of the National Tour Association, Cruise Line International Association, Virginia Motorcoach Association, Better Business Bureau, American Society of Travel Agents, Richmond Chamber of Commerce and International Association of Travel Agents.

Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance is Not Included in the price of our tours, however, it is highly encouraged. We recommend Insurance to all travelers as a safety measure to protect their investment. We recommend Travel Insurance as a worthwhile benefit in the case of untimely circumstances or events that might lead to the cancellation of a tour or any unfortunate problems while on tour. Detailed literature is available.


Payment in full is required to hold reservations on all day tours. Overnight tours require a $100.00 minimum deposit, with balance in full due about six-weeks prior to departure. Specific tours may require additional deposits. Additionally, your payment/deposit holds your assigned seat on the motorcoach in the order it was received in our office.

Credit & Debit Cards

SignaTours, Ltd. accepts credit and debit cards for those 18 years of age and older. SignaTours Ltd. reserves the right to refuse service, terminate or suspend accounts or service or cancel transactions at any time. Timing and completion of a payment transaction is contingent upon both the authorization of payment by the applicable credit card company and acceptance of payment by SignaTours Ltd. In the event that your credit/debit card payment is unable to be processed, SignaTours Ltd. will attempt to notify you using the contact information you have provided. In any event, you remain responsible for payments due.

Cancellations and Refunds

There are no refunds for any day tour canceled within three business days of the date of travel. Overnight tours are nonrefundable if canceled within 30 days of the scheduled departure date. Sickness and/or Death of friends or family members does not alter this policy. Cancellation insurance is available and usually covers Sickness & Death related events.

In addition to the cancellation/refund policies, all deposits or payments are subject to any non-refundable or cancellation charges imposed by vendors: hotel, restaurant, theatre and entertainment charges, etc.

Cancellation on ALL Tours Must be Made in Writing to SignaTours. Cancellations WILL NOT be accepted by phone. Thank You!

Motorcoach Equipment and Drivers

Safety and Comfort are two very important and essential ingredients of modern motorcoach travel. Our motorcoaches feature: computer controlled temperature systems, large tinted windows for easy viewing, individual reclining seats, state of the art sound systems, and lavatory. Our drivers are specially selected for their experience, professionalism, safety record and ability to relate to people.

Tour Director

Leave the worries to us! Your professional tour director is with you from start to finish. They will assist you with important information and proper instruction throughout the tour.


SignaTours, Ltd. uses only those hotels rated by Triple A as three stars or better. Selection of the hotel is based on location and the needs of the tour. We guarantee properties used are:

  • clean
  • modern
  • convenient
  • safe
  • operated by industry professionals.

Rooms are non-smoking unless requested.

Luggage and Handling

SignaTours, Ltd. allows one large bag per person, and one small carry-on that fits easily under the seat or in the overhead compartment. Carry-on bags are considered the responsibility of the passenger. Once you arrive at the departure point, your bag will be stowed and taken care of through the end of the tour. All gratuities for this service are included in the cost of the tour.

Cell Phones

The use of Cell Phones on the Motorcoach is permitted in the case of emergencies only. Please respect your fellow travelers.


SignaTours, Ltd. includes “All Gratuities and Tips” on listed inclusions for every tour, unless stated otherwise. Gratuities include baggage handling, bellmen, dining room staff, hotel staff, tour guides, tour escorts and drivers, etc. There is no need to collect additional gratuities! If you would personally like to extend an additional reward for work above and beyond the call of duty, you are welcome to do so.

Special Needs

Travelers who require special assistance should inform us
when placing the reservation. Those needing help in walking, climbing stairs, etc. must have a traveling companion who can provide help with such needs. We are, unfortunately, unable to provide such assistance.

Because We Care

SignaTours, Ltd. is here because of you, and you are our Number One priority. Our office is here to serve you and to support you every step of the way. Our business is to serve you and to see that your tour is a big success. Your questions and comments are more than welcome and greatly appreciated.

Disclosures and Liabilities

SignaTours, Ltd. acts as an agent in endeavoring to make arrangements with various persons, firms and corporations in obtaining transportation, services and accommodations.

SignaTours, Ltd. shall not be responsible or reliable for, and expressly disclaims any responsibility or reliability for any loss, cost, injury, expense or damage to person or property which results directly or indirectly from any act whether negligent or otherwise, of commission or omission (including but not limited to delays), of any person, firm or corporation which is to, shall, or does provide products or services, lodging, food and beverage, entertainment, sightseeing tours, baggage handling, insurance, etc.

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