Worldwide Bucket List Tours

We’ve picked several Outstanding “Bucket List” Tours – tours we know you have always wanted to take but just haven’t decided to book.  Well, now is the time!  These tours are unique because not only are you with a group of like-minded travelers, but you have a fantastic escort leading you the whole time.   We offer many other “Bucket List Tours,” but there is simply not enough room to list them all.  If you can “Dream” it . . .  Chances are we have it!  Price Reflected on the following tours are Per Person Double and include roundtrip air from Richmond.  Passports are required for all international tours.

Costa Rica
January 22, 2021 –  January 29, 2021




The limitless possibilities that include extensive rainforests, volcanoes, rivers traveling through the mountains, beaches and natural resources safeguarded by an important organization of national parks and forest preserves will unfold before your eyes on this amazing holiday in Costa Rica.

8 Days • 13 Meals

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Treasures of the Pharaohs
March 19-March 29, 2021



Ancient wonders, endless golden sands and atmospheric local souqs make Egypt the ultimate travel destination. From the enigmatic aura of the Sphinx to the imposing glory of the Pyramids, step into the Land of the Pharaohs and discover the exotic charms of evocative Egypt.

11 Days • 21 Meals

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Wonders of Australia and New Zealand
May 19th, 2021 –  June 3, 2021



Visit the other side of the world with our holiday to the ‘must-see’ cities in Australia and New Zealand. Experience the Outer Barrier Reef, take a stroll through Australia’s modern cities and revel in the unspoiled natural beauty of New Zealand on this 16-day holiday.

16 Days • 20 Meals


East African Safari Adventure
June 10, 2021 – June 22, 2021




Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime — a safari across two African countries! Experience elephants, giraffes, wildebeests, rhinos, and other animals you’ve only seen in zoos or on TV in their natural habitats.

13 Days • 32 Meals

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Cruising Ecuador’s Galapagos Islands
October 5, 2021 – October 12, 2021




See Mother Nature frozen in time, in a place unlike any other on Earth. Join us on an unforgettable trip to the Galápagos Islands, a place so unique it changed the way we think about our world.

8 Days • 16 Meals

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Culinary Italy from Sorrento to Rome
October 10, 2021 – October 22, 2021



Discover the beauty and charms of southern Italy on this adventure through the Sorrento area,
Campania region and Rome. UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historic monuments, breathtaking scenery, and hands-on culinary experiences are sure to please as you travel through Italy.

13 Days • 17 Meals

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Desert Adventures
Featuring Dubai and Abu Dhabi
November 4, 2021 – November 12, 2021

Experience the luxurious United Arab Emirates cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Visit one of the largest mosques in the world in Abu Dhabi and ascend 1475 feet into the sky in Dubai.
Explore local vegetable, spice and gold markets; BBQ at a Bedouin campsite and enjoy an exhilarating 4-wheel drive jeep tour through the
golden sand dunes.

13 Days • 17 Meals

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