In Their Own Words

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We were fortunate participants in the Signa Tours excursion to New York for The Shepherd’s Center of Richmond May 1-4, 2018.  It was a thoroughly pleasant and rewarding experience.
We want to praise our drivers, A.C. (for the first half of the trip north) and Lorenzo (for the entire remainder of the trip).  Both were highly competent, always pleasant, and gave us a real sense of well-being.
Especially we need to call out for praise our tour guide, Ms. Linda Johnston.  We have taken many tours over the years here and abroad, and I (Ralph) even led some trips abroad years ago.  Never have we had a more competent, well-prepared, thoughtful, or indeed delightful leader than we had with Linda.  She did everything just right and was fun to be with.  Thank you for assigning her to our tour!
Finally, a word of praise for Mr. Mark Levy, the New York guide arranged by Linda.  He is highly knowledgeable, has a fine sense of humor, and really gave us good insight into his beloved New York.

The trip for the Commonwealth Chapter DAR was absolutely perfect. Buddy Evans was an absolute gentleman and very proficient driver … The timing you proposed was excellent. Thank you for arranging a great way to travel!


Robert and I wanted to let you know what a very special trip the Ark Encounter was for us. You did so much to make the trip “over the top”!  Fifty-three “sheep” is a lot to herd but you did it so beautifully and personally. You got to know each one of us and we felt like you were our friend as well as our tour leader.

We’ve been on other bus trips but this was our first with Signa Tours. There were so many details that made the trip extra special –the cold drinks, abundant snack bags, games, prizes, raffle, movies, and detailed printed information. Thank you (and the Signa Tours staff) for all the hard work that went into the planning of such a nice trip. You did a marvelous job. I especially enjoyed the Christian focus of the trip. Each thing we did was special in its own way. I now have a fuller understanding of Noah and the Flood. Since God sent the animals to the Ark, maybe He also had a hand in sending the people to be on this trip!